CO2 Incubator

Bod-Incubator The Co2 incubator Outer Construction Made Of Mild Steel Powder Coated, Inside Made Of Stainless Steel 304 Grade, Stainless Steel Shelves, Microprocessor Temperature Controller Independent Alarm System For Temperature Limiting Ensures Run Safely, Temperature Range From Ambient +5°C To 50°C, Microorganism Filter At Inlet Provides 100% Filtrated Gases, Equipped With Fully Automatic Co₂ Pressure-Releasing And Purging Valve. Co₂ Sensor For Precise Co2 Inside The Chamber With A Co₂ Control Range Of 0~20%.To Work On 220 V AC, 50 HZ.


MOC Outer

Mild Steel Powder Coated

MOC Inner Chamber

Stainless Steel SS-304 Grade



Temperature Range

Temp. Ambient +5°C To 50°C

Temperature Controller

Microprocessor Based Digital With LCD Display Controller

Temperature Control


Temperature Stability

± 0.3°C

Co₂ Control Range

0~20% [Infrared Sensor]

Co₂ Recovery

≤ Calibration x 1.2min

Ambient Temperature

+5 ~28°C

No. Of Shelves (Adjustable)


Size Inner (WxDxH)



128 L

Input Power

300 W

Electric Supply

220V AC, 50Hz

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Incubators are commonly used in research labs and hospitals. It also offers various industrial applications in food and beverage industries, and pharmaceutical research labs.

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